Getting family to fit together in Later Life can be quite a puzzle

When significant life changes come for older family members - finding common understanding for next steps can cause turbulence.

These times raise so many important considerations (and opinions) on big decisions that matter – to everyone.

Everyone wants a say and everyone needs to count. But … sorting out who, how and where that all comes together can get hard. 


Later Life is a time of significant transition and change.

It can cause momentous shifts in -

  • the older person,
  • the whole family,
  • everyone’s social patterns,
  • the neighbourhood and community around them.

Are you a Later Life family member?

In our definition, a Later Life family is where there is an elderly person, couple or older members who are becoming less independent - and therefore need more attention from their loved ones, relatives, and friends. If you are an older person, a loved one, relative, or friend - you are a family member!

In your family are you ...

Worried whether all the family can communicate in a way that Mum/Dad’s residential needs, living costs and estate issues can ALL be managed effectively?

Worried about how Mum/Dad’s care needs can be met and whether all the family can cooperate about what needs to happen?

Wondering how the family can talk about all this when it’s hard enough to get an agreement on a collective birthday present?!

Everyone in the family is struggling to find their own answers to these questions at a time when the pressures are high.

When families find themselves caught up in these kinds of struggles, it doesn't mean anyone is "wrong" - it means people are feeling differently and don't know how to come to agreed conclusions.

Positive Steps for Later Life gives you assistance and support getting through the significant times of relationship change.

We help navigate complex transitions in Later Life;

Life and death, hard choice and change: the myriad of “everythings” in between.

We can help facilitate difficult conversations; amongst partners, families and with organisations.

We also support during grief and times of palliative care.

Getting help helps.

Finding ways family members can coordinate, collaborate and consolidate in major times of change IS hard.

Getting expert guidance and support can turn family times of troubled turbulence into peaceable conclusions and a sense of  ‘job done well’.

Let Positive Steps for Later Life show you an easier way forward …

We can assist in three ways

Working directly with Later Life family members


– for our services see here

Supporting professional service providers, e.g. lawyers, accountants, financial planners with specialist knowledge in later-life change impact, (see TRAINING and Educational Sessions) as well as, counselling, advocacy, facilitation with dispute resolution, and, where needed, mediation services for their clients.

Providing aged care service providers with TRAINING and Educational Sessions on Later Life Family Life as well as mediation services, for example, staff or client families.

At Positive Steps for Later Life, we’re on a MISSION – Helping make Later Life meaningful, calm and ‘complete’ for older people

and a constructive, enriching step for the next generations: tough family times done well ….

We’d love to discuss how we can help you – please get in touch here.

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